There are 4 distinct stages to consider when planning a video - here is a guide to help you understand the process.


Pre-production & Development

This step is the planning and preparation stage of the project when we research the subject and work with you to form the structure of the videos you want to create.  We help you script the project and establish a style, determine what resources you might need on the shoot day(s) and create a blueprint for the video and schedule.



This stage is the shoot part where we take the blueprint created at the pre-production stage and film the script.  We hire the crew, locations and any other specialist teams. We can organize and manage every aspect of the physical production to ensure you achieve what was agreed.



The editing stage is where we ingest the shot footage and begin to assemble each video.  We work with you to review and approve the rough cuts and refine each video adding graphics, animated logos, licensed music and any other corporate identity branding you require.


Delivery & Distribution

Once completed there are a range of video Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) and we can advise on the most suitable for you.